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TS-Topographic Survey, ST-Soil Test, A-Architectural Plan, D-Detail Design, E/M-Electro-Mechanical Design, E/T-Estimate & Tendering, S-Supervision

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Consultancy Services Preparation of Design & Drawing, Tender Document and Supervision of land Development, Embankment, Earth/ Bank Protection and other related Civil work of the Project “Land Acquisition and land Development for Implementation of GAZARIA 350 (+ 10%) MW Coal- Fired Thermal Power Plant at Gazaria Munshiganj- District.



Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL) / GOB.


A) Land Development by Dredging Sand, Land Area= 289.0 Acre, Volume of Sand Filling 64,32,487.0 cum


B) Embankment Length= 7.301KM.


Earth Protection CC Block, Geo- Textile work etc.

TS, ST, A, D, E/M, E/T, S



Tk. 132.0 Crores.





Tk. 248.55 Crores.


On- going




Land Development for 400MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Bibiyana – III, under Bangladesh Power Development Board at Moulavi Bazar.



Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB).



Land Development & Compaction by DVD- Method Filling height= about 5.0M


TS, ST, A, D, E/M, E/T, S








Earth- Embankment with Bank Protection work under Construction of Infrastructure  Facilities on evicted for shore land at Dhaka, Nayrangonj & Tongi- Port Area.


Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA.


A) Earth- Embankment (13.5KM with (3m- 4m height).


B) Bank/ earth protection (CC Block, Geo- Textile) Length 11.62 KM


TS, ST, A, D, E/M, E/T, S



Tk. 110.0 Crores.

Dec- 2012





Earth- Embankment with Earth Protection work under Construction of Infrastructure along Evicted for Shore Land at Ramchandrapur, Kamrangirchar, Basila, Pagla, Narayangonj Mukterpur, Tongi, area of River Buriganga, Tongi, Balu & Sitalakhya (1st – Phase).



Bangladesh Inland Transport Authority (BIWTA)


A) Earth Embankment (about 45.0KM) Filling height (3m to 4.0M)


B) Earth Protection about 35.0 Km with CC Block, Geo- Textile etc.

TS, ST, A, D, E/M, E/T, S



Tk. 600.0 Crores

June 2016 (Design)


Construction going on.




Land- Development, Bank Protection & Dredging work at Nagar Bari River Port under “Establishment of River- Port with allied Facilities at Nagarbari BIWTA.



Bangladesh Inland water Transport Authority (BIWTA).


A) Land- Development of 40.0 Acre  Land (height 3.5m), Volume- 5.70 Lakh cum.


B) Bank Protection

TS, ST, A, D, E/M, E/T, S



Tk. 99.84 Crores



Tk. 39.48 Crores.




Circular Water way Around Dhaka City from ( 1st Phase), Improvement of Narigabilily and Providing Landing Facilities from Swarighat to Ashulia including River Dredging, Amin Bazar to Ashulia Bridge (Buriganga- Turage River) (BIWTA).


Bangladesh Inland water Transport Authority (BIWTA).

River Dredging from Amin Bazar to Ashulia Bridge (Buriganga- Turage River)

TS, ST, A, D, E/M, E/T, S


Tk. 42.00 Crores

March - 2002



Embankment & River Bank Protection by CC Block & Geo- Textile for Construction of Teesta Bridge (L= 1490.0m) at Gaibandha- District.


A) Embankment Both Side of River up- stream & Down Stream (L=4.0 KM)


B) River- Bank Protection by Geo- Textile & CC Block.

TS, ST, A, D, E/M, E/T, S

Tk. 75.0 Croes


On going.

Some Embankment (Land, River Development) individual projects